fredag 22 januari 2010

Chuck Norris ain't shit in Norrbotten.

Den här veckan har vi repat för fullt inför den årliga estetturnén!
Åh det är så fasligt roligt! Och ännu roligare lär det bli!
Såhär kan det se ut en rast på musikskolan:

The war between the Grades has been going on for as long as man can remember. It began with a tour. The first graders wanted to be a part of the tour. Should the first graders come along? Were they too many? Should they take up the precious time on stage so that the wonderful third graders couldn't play as many songs as they wanted to? This terrible matter turned into an eternal war between the first graders and the divine third graders. Many had wondered, no one was able to answer. When would this madness end?
The only thing that was certain was that blood will be shed...

Jag vet att ni älskar't!

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